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          18th Century Hairdressing Book, 18th century wigs, publications

          18th C. Wig Book SALE: Discounted Shipping to Europe!

          Save €10 PLUS take advantage of one-time-only DISCOUNT SHIPPING TO EUROPE. Use coupon-code COIFFURE to save €10 (£8.90), and choose ECONOMY shipping for very reduced rates to Europe!

          IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: Economy shipping books won’t ship until 15 November. They will ship from France, so they will arrive in 2 days (France) to 8 days (the rest of Europe).

          PayPal doesn’t do coupons, so if you’re paying that way, mention the promo code and we’ll refund you the €10 right away!

          ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 11 NOV 2016!

          Buy at 18thCenturyHair.com


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