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          18th century court dress

          Court Gowns: Still in?

          I’ve gotten a few new inquiries about joining the 18th c. court gown project, so I’d like to weed out those who have dropped out from the list of “claimed” gowns, because I’ve gotten some “I’d like to play! Oh wait, someone else already claimed the gown I want.”

          If you’re someone who claimed an 18th century gown: Are you okay with me letting “your” dress out into the wilds, or do you still want it claimed for you? There’s still no deadline, just, if you think you’re not really going to get to “your” dress, I’d like to de-claim it.

          Don’t worry, I’ll assume your dress is still claimed unless you tell me to let it run free!

          FYI, the list of claimed gowns is here.

          18th century, court dress, embroidery, projects

          18th Century Ribbon Embroidered Skirt Panels

          So a few months back I posted about looking for more examples of 18th century ribbon embroidery. The AMAZING Suzi Clarke?did me proud and told me,

          I have two front pieces from a gown like the top one [my court dress inspiration image], which are embroidered with ribbons in different colours. They are ivory silk and are shaped. Do you want to e-mail me to discuss how I can share them with you? I also have some ribbons very like the originals.

          Did I want to see them? DID I?

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          demode plan2
          18th century, 18th century court dress, court dress, projects

          Robe de Cour Plans!

          Now that this project is underway and the under-petticoat is done, I want to talk a bit about what I’m planning for my dress!

          Here’s my source image, which is a preparatory drawing for a fashion plate:


          The caption reads: “Robe [in] color of the King’s eyes, striped, robings [in] white gros de tours [a kind of silk], embroidered, or trimmed with Garlands of pearls, [something?] of olive branches, double border of pleated gauze, all the ribbons [in] English Lilac.”

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          IMG_6394 copy
          18th century, 18th century court dress, court dress, projects

          Grand Panier Petticoat for the Semi-OCD

          I thought I didn’t have anything else to say about my petticoat for my robe de cour, but then I started getting OCD and thought some of you might as well!

          Updated to add: never mind.?I found that the BEST and easiest way to make things line up nicely is just to do the pleating OFF of the dress form/panier. Then you don’t have to do anything complicated, you can just pleat things up nicely and sew across the top edge. Duh.

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